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Prep – Diving in with – Jeffery Boaz

jeffrey boaz

A rivalry is set to be renewed this Friday when two undefeated powerhouses, East Surry (5-0,0-0), and Reidsville (5-5,0-0), matchup on a collision course set on the gridiron. One side is a perennial power looking for their third state title in a row, on the other side a special group of seniors is looking to shock the Triad again in their last go around.

There are some similarities, Both of these programs boast two of the most passionate fan bases around the entire state, both played for state titles last season and neither has lost a contest this season. Both programs reign out of small towns with big time talent, the state ties run extremely deep. These are two teams that have nearly every collegiate program in the state recruiting their rosters, from power five on down and for good reasons. Multiple players on both sides boast ACC offers, or are already committed to ACC schools.

East Surry in particular comes in as an underdog but the Cardinals have flourished under that role before, they understand their is a juggernaut on the other side and this East Surry group will have to play their best ball of the season. One could argue these teams have dominated in similar fashions to this point, Reidsville is out scoring teams 269-22, on the other hand East Surry is beating teams 288-38 through five games. It’s crazy to fathom both these teams are barely giving up a touchdown per game if that, and both squads feature explosive and balanced offenses.

All eyes will be watching Friday and leading into the action, I caught up with East Surry’s humble leader 6’’7 senior signal caller Jeffrey Boaz (UNC Commit), to gauge the mindset and energy of the Cardinals locker room!

BB: Okay First up Just speak on the season so far, I know you guys came back with something to prove after coming up just short of a ring last season?

JB: “Yeah so all we talked about during the spring and summer was how are we going to get back to the state championship. Like what do we as a program have to do for that to work. We would and still are working countless hours of our days to get better and be the best players we can be. From every position on the field. After our practices there is always some staying after to get that extra work in to better the team. As a team this far we have really gotten after it these first couple of games and as a high school senior it’s the best thing ever.”

BB: Reidsville coming up is a HUGE matchup, both you guys are undefeated, it wouldn’t be the first time you guys have shocked the Triad, what will it take to win this game potentially?

JB: “Reidsville is hands down one of the best teams in the triad. Coach Teague and his staff do a great job. They play hard and with a lot of passion. I think especially for us to win this game is to take care of the ball, control the ball, execute, make big plays on both sides of the ball and don’t get caught up in the game. There is going to be highs and lows in this thing so you have to just pin your ears back and have a blast.”

BB: Mack Brown has recommited to recruiting the NC. You and Myles Murphy are 2 big gets for the Heels, what can we expect in the future from UNC football? does it mean anything to see the staff locked in on NC like this?

JB: “You can expect a lot of winning from Coach Brown and the Tar Heels. Coach Brown has brought so much tradition and grit back to the program and I am just blessed that I can be apart of it. Coach Brown is a winner and no one or team can ever change that. I like to use the analogy that Noah didn’t build the arch in a few days. It took him some time. So with that being said Coach Brown and his staff are here for the long haul and want to rebuild the program and want to get it to a high standard and that’s another reason I wanted to be apart of this exciting time in Chapel Hill.”

BB: Did you feel any type of way about the APP state game? and also how important is it for young kids to play multiple sports in your opinion? Has playing baseball and basketball helped you on the field?

JB: “Lastly I think kids should play as many sports as they can because when it’s gone it’s gone. There is no getting it back or do overs. Also it helps you become closer with your friends. I have made so many life long friends through sports and I’m so thankful for it. Playing baseball and basketball has definitely helped a lot. Not only just from the physical standpoint but also the mental standpoint. Knowing how your teammates think and what kind of environment they thrive in is one of the most valuable things you can learn as a athlete.”

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