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Bowman Gray Official Results – Sat April 20th 2024

Opening night of Bowman Gray racing kicked off this weekend and it was action packed with no disappointments. Qualifying was held on Friday evening for the Hayes Jewelers 200. Chase Robertson would snag the Sportsman pole, and Burt Myers would grab the pole for Modified. 

Sportsman would kick the night off in front of a sold out crowd of 17,000 plus. Kirk Sheets led the charge after the full field redraw. While pole winner Chase Robertson would draw 14th. Sterling Plemmons quickly took the lead until Zack Ore would get by Plemmons on lap 18 and led until a caution on lap 25. Then on the double-file restart, Neal would go to the outside against Ore on the front row. Neal would take the lead on lap 29 and hold the lead until a last lap pass by the defending champion Chase Robertson for a photo finish at the line. 

“On that last lap, I feel like he would’ve done the same thing to me,” Robertson said. “I just moved him. I didn’t wreck him or anything, so it’s just a pleasure to be in victory lane again.”

For the second year in a row Robertson would grab the win and head to prom after collecting the trophy.

Tommy Neal finished runner-up, followed by Zack Ore, Michael Adams and Plemmons.

After sitting on the pole after an impressive qualifying session, Burt Myers would lead wire-to-wire holding off Timmy Brown. Myers would over come the raft of Brandon Ward, Danny Bohn and then Tim Brown. He overcame a handful of cautions to go on and pick up his 11th Hayes Jewelers 200 and 92nd of his career. 

Chris Fleming was third, Jordan was fourth, and Brandon Ward, last year’s champion was fifth.

Next up would be the first Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series 15-lap race. Chris “Pintang” Allison would lead from the start, until Charlie Curry, 1996 Stadium Stock champion in his return to the Madhouse for the first time in years, would take the lead. Curry would hold the lead up until A.J. Sanders would get by and go on to win. Chuck Wall finished runner up, followed by Charlie Curry, Chris Allison and Tyler McDonald.

The second of the two Stadium Stock races would be up next as Brandon Crotts would pull off his first win in his 15 years of racing at Bowman Gray. Holding off Connor Keaton finished runner up, followed by Austin Long and Matt Alley.

“It’s been a long time,” Crotts said. “I’ve been coming out here 15 years and this is the first one.”

Closing out the night would be the QRC HVAC & Refrigeration Street Stock Series, Christian Joyce would continue where he left off last year after winning the championship to kicking the season off with winning the season opening race. Overcoming four cautions to win the race.

Nick Wall finished runner up, followed by Evan Ingleston, Brad Lewis, and Austin Jones.

“This is the last race I haven’t won in this division,” Joyce said. “So, I really wanted it.”

“Dylan Ward (who works on Joyce’s car), he is the man,” Joyce said. “He gave me a hot rod.”

Next week, the night is highlighted by twin 25-lap races in the Brad’s Golf Car’s Modified Series. In addition, there will be twin 20-lap races in the Law Offices of John Barrow Sportsman Series.

With both the Modified and Sportsman Series next week there will be a “Madhouse Scramble” where the winner of the first race in each series will pull a number – 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16. The number that is pulled will invert the field for the second race.

In addition to the twin 25-lap races in the Modified Series and the twin 20-lap Sportsman Series, there will be a 20-lap race in the QRC HVAC & Refrigeration Street Stock Series, and there will be one or two 15-lap races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series.

The final event of the night next week will be the wild Midway Mobile Storage Chain Race where teams of two cars are chained together.

Saturday’s Results


 Hayes Jewelers 200
11Burt Myers
283Tim Brown
316Chris Fleming
413Jordan Fleming
504Brandon Ward
679Ryan Flores
74Jason Myers
857Danny Bohn
992Kyle Southern
1075Lee Jeffreys
115Randy Butner
126Slate Myers
1372Bryant Robertson
1499William Smith
1545Lee Stimpson
1639Gerald Robinson Jr.
1751Drew Moffitt
187Junior Snow
1969John Holleman IV
2007Riley Neal
2181Zack Clifton
2219Andy Noto
2377Susan Harwell
2435Brandon Butner
2541Cory Lovette
131Chase Robertson
221Tommy Neal
355Zack Ore
419Michael Adams
503Sterling Plemmons
612Justin Taylor
722Wesley Thompson
87Connor Branch
938Mitch Gales
1054Braden Mills
1115T. Dawson
1243Brandon Brendle
130Kirk Sheets
1437Chris Massie
1524A.J. Bernys
162Amber Lynn
11Christian Joyce
212Nick Wall
316Brad Lewis
477Evan Ingleston
524Austin Jones
623Jordan Atkins
725Cooper Lowe
835Andy Avery
921Wes Glascoe
1017Andy Southern
1113Kevin Gilbert
127Zack Staley
1303Cody Gum
1445Josh Williams
154Emilee Lewis
1610Craig Hartless
1730Zachary Cogar
1848Jeff McCary
1905Hayden Hall
2000Donnie Martin
2111Chase Lewis
  Race One
124A.J. Sanders
281Chuck Wall
316Charlie Curry
47Chris Allison
547Tyler McDonald
660Brad Mickalowski
722Peanut Baker
82Carson Reed
906TJ Gibson
1019Kyler Staley
113Skyler Brooks
1256Drew Mason
131Grayson Keaton
  Race Two
169Brandon Crotts
25Connor Keaton
336Austin Long
474Matt Alley
527Austin Cates
651Andrew Cates
744Blaze Sanders
814Ken Bridges
911Sydney Sanders
1008Shane Tuttle
1128Robert Mabe
1218Billy Andrews
1393Jonathan Simacek






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