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By James Stewart

Given the numbers 00-99 there are 110 different numbers.  So what number has been in victory lane the most times at Bowman Gray Stadium?

One may think that since Tim Brown has the most career victories with 76 wins, all in the #83, that it might be him, as 83 is the only number that Tim has raced.  Jr Miller has 73 career wins, but in cars numbered 95, 10, 53, and 69, maybe a couple more. Ralph Brinkley won his 64 races all in a #9 car.  Burt Myers has won his 64 races in cars numbered 4 and 1.  Paul Radford won his 55 races in cars numbered 07, 6, 18, and maybe 26.  These are the top 5 career winners.

The list of Bowman Gray’s career victories consists of only feature winners, which is the modifieds, and any touring series that has raced there.  The old Grand National series, now Sprint Cup, has raced at BG in the past as well as the Grand American Series, Goody’s Dash Series, K&N Pro Series, and the Whelen Southern Modified Tour.

A friend, Justin Mincey, and I have poured thru old programs and tried to come up with a list that includes winners in all divisions. We aren’t finished yet but have a pretty conclusive list. That will be another story. Now let’s get back to the numbers. From my research, of all 110 different numbers, using cars from every division that has raced at BG, only the numbers 35 and 82 have NEVER been to victory lane!

Cale Gale came close with his #82 modified in 2014, but couldn’t get that elusive win!  And until David Calabrese won a modified race in 2015, Richard Petty was the only winner in a #43 car!  Some numbers have numerous winners, some have only one. So if anybody were to use the number 35 or 82 and win, they would be the first driver to do so!

Oh, I about forgot the question that started this article!  From all research I have concluded that the number 70 has been to victory lane more than any other number.  Al Hill alone has close to 100 victories in all divisions and wins in a #70 car have been numerous with Frank Baity, Gary Ledbetter, and Noah Triplette. So does a car with the number 70 guarantee a win?  The odds may say so, but somehow, at Bowman Gray, the odds never seem to matter, because after all, it is the “Madhouse”!!


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