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Bowman Gray Race Recap – Week Ending August 5th 2023

Ladies and Gentleman we are just two weeks away from crowning our 2023 track champions.  The Street Stocks would have the tightest points battle of all as it would be a three way tie for first between Brad Lewis, Christian Joyce and Austin Jones. 

The Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series would kickstart the night with Craig Hartless starting on the pole. One of the points leaders Christian Joyce would take the lead on lap nine from Hartless. 

On lap 13 trouble came for Cale Martin and Kevin “KTrain” Gilbert along with two others, as Martin would get turned and collect Gilbert. 

Christian Joyce would go on to win his third race of the season with the other two point contenders following behind with Austin Jones finishing second followed by Brad Lewis. Donnie Martin finished fourth and Bryan Sykes Jr. was fifth. 

Joyce’s win gives him a two-point lead over Jones and a four-point advantage over Lewis. 

The first of two Sportsman races would be next, as Michael Adams would start on the pole with Connor Branch starting second.  Adams would go on to lead flag to flag to pick his fifth victory of the season holding off Riley Neal. This would be Adams 28th victory of his career.

Zack Ore and points leader Chase Robertson made contact which led to Ore having a flat tire. Robertson would savage a top five finish with Ore finished tenth. 

“I’ve got to thank all my guys, man,” Adams said. “This car — it wasn’t very good in practice. They changed everything on my car. It was 100% better.”

 “I want to thank Riley Neal. Riley’s the real deal,” Adams said. “He’s good and he runs me clean. I’ll run him the same way next time.” 

Nate Gregg finished third, Justin Taylor fourth, with Chase Robertson finishing fifth. 

Now for the main event, the Ortega 100 in the Brad’s Golf Car’s Modified division.  This would be the final 100-lap event of the season for the Modifieds.  Burt Myers was the fastest qualifier with brother Jason qualifying second followed by Lee Jeffreys and Tim Brown, rounding out the top four. With the full-field redraw, each of those four drivers had the option of taking the Fans’ Challenge of going to the back of the field and attempting to get back to the top four for a shot at winning the $12,000 prize pool.

Burt Myers, Jason Myers, and Lee Jeffreys all would elect to start in the rear for the shot at the $12,000.

After the redraw, Danny Bohn sat on the pole, followed by Luke Fleming, Kyle Southern, and Brandon Ward.

Bohn would dominate most of the race as he would have to battle off a hungry Brandon Ward who was looking for his first win of the season. 

Ward would get past Bohn on lap 44 and lead until lap 72. On lap 83, Kyle Southern and Daniel Beeson would get together and slide into the barrier in the corner of the pit entrance. 

On lap 97 Burt Myers tried to slide by points leader Chris Fleming around turn one for fifth, but the two cars got together sending Burt Myers into the fence. Burt Myers would show his displeasure in Fleming during the caution and throw a bucket of speedy dry at Fleming’s car hitting his windshield. 

A green white checkered finish finds Danny Bohn defeating Brandon Ward for the win. It would be career win number 17 for the part time Stadium driver. 

A third place finish for Tim Brown, returning for the second time this season Jonathan “Jon Boy” Brown would finish fourth, and Junior Snow fifth. 

Chris Fleming started the night with a 13 points lead over Tim Brown for first place in the points race. With Brown’s third place finish and Fleming finishing seventh, the gap is now trimmed to just five points. 

In the second of two Sportsman events Zack Ore would find victory lane holding off Billy Gregg.  Amber Lynn was third followed by Sterling Plemmons. 

Chase Robertson has a seven point lead over Zack Ore and a ten point lead over Riley Neal, Michael Adams is just 52 points behind with the Colors Edge Sportsman 100 in the McDowell Heating & Air series next week. 

In the first Q104.1 Stadium Stock division race, Brandon Brendle would dominate for his fourth win of the season. Chuck Wall was second, followed by Isaac Harris and Brandon Crotts. 

In the second Stadium Stock race after a green-white checkered finish, Billy Cameron defeated runner-up Ricky Wall and third-place Zac Cameron. 

AJ Sanders has a 24 point lead over Brandon Brendle with Issac Harris 48 points behind and Chuck Wall 54 points away. 

Next week will be highlighted by the Colors Edge Sportsman 100 in the McDowell Heating & Air Series, which was rained out last week.

Qualifying results from last week will stand and they’ll use a double-file restart with the cone. 

In addition, there will be twin 25-lap races in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series. After the first race there will be the “Madhouse Scramble” where they will invert the field after the winning driver in the first race pulls out either 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16. There will also be a 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, and there will be either one or two 15-lap races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series. 

The night will also include the Modifieds and the Midway Mobile Storage Skid Race.


 Ortega 100
157Danny Bohn
204Brandon Ward
383Tim Brown
421Jonathan Brown
591Junior Snow
64Jason Myers
716Chris Fleming
875Lee Jeffreys
969John Holleman IV
1079James Civali
115Randy Butner
1239Gerald Robinson Jr.
1377Susan Harwell
1499William Smith
153Danny Propst
1610Dan Speeney
1737Mike Speeney
1889Andrew Harrah
191Burt Myers
209Kyle Southern
2144Daniel Beeson
2213Luke Fleming
2307John Smith
2435Brandon Butner
256Cory Lovette
2688Ethan Stoltz
2714Slate Myers
Race One
119Michael Adams
207Riley Neal
328Nate Gregg
412Justin Taylor
531Chase Robertson
603Sterling Plemmons
721Tommy Neal
82Amber Lynn
998Billy Gregg
1055Zack Ore
117Connor Branch
1238Mitch Gales
1351Austin Taylor
1466Dean Blevins
1599Tyler Ashley
1637Chris Massie
1715T. Dawson
1822Wesley Thompson
1954Braden Mills
Race Two
155Zack Ore
298Billy Gregg
32Amber Lynn
403Sterling Plemmons
507Riley Neal
612Justin Taylor
731Chase Robertson
828Nate Gregg
919Michael Adams
1022Wesley Thompson
1138Mitch Gales
1215T. Dawson
1366Dean Blevins
1451Austin Taylor
1599Tyler Ashley
1637Chris Massie
1721Tommy Neal
187Connor Branch
1954Braden Mills
11Christian Joyce
224Austin Jones
316Brad Lewis
400Donnie Martin
599Bryan Sykes Jr
67Zack Staley
710Craig Hartless
823Jordan Atkins
906Chase Lewis
1070Cale Martin
1113Kevin Gilbert
1230Zachary Cogar
1321Wes Glascoe
149Justin Cummings
1517Aaron Stoltz
1603Cody Gum
1777Evan Ingleston
1819Robbie White
1925Cooper Lowe
204Emilee Lewis
2112Nick Wall
  race one
143Brandon Brendle
281Chuck Wall
359Isaac Harris
424A.J. Sanders
569Brandon Crotts
654Justin Owens
760Brad Mickalowski
874Matt Alley
97Chris Allison
1016Blaine Curry
1118Billy Andrews
1225Matt Goodwin
1327Austin Cates
144Stephen Sanders
1550Terry Torrence
  race two
195Billy Cameron Jr
226Ricky Wall
397Zac Cameron
471James Allison
541Austin Shumate
646Luke Smith
717Andy Southern
801Joel Stewart
914Ken Bridges
1098Darrell Foster
1148Junior Smith
1252Nick Bell
1328Robert Mabe
1411Sydney Sanders
1523Blake Spears






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