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Bowman Gray Race Results and Points Standings heading into June 29th

With the threat of rain race fans wondered if they would get a chance to see racing at the Madhouse. Luckily the rain would hold off until the end of the night. As we would see a driver win for the second time this year ending the streak of different winners, a driver who had been in a drought after dominating all last year, and two drivers add to their stats!

First up would be Street Stock as Billy Gregg would lead flag to flag and pick up his first win of the season. Jeremy Warren second, Christian Joyce third, Bryan Sykes fourth and fifth Jac Creed.

Next up would be the first of two Sportsman races, as Justin Taylor would go on to pick up his third win of the season Kyle Southern would finish second, Amber Lynn third, Tommy Neal fourth and fifth Zack Ore.

Now time for the 100 lapper for Modified as it would be a great race with tons of action. As Jeremy Gestner would go for a wild ride along the guardrail and bring out the caution flag, Brandon Ward would take the lead from Frank Fleming on the restart, then James Civali would go for a spin to bring out the caution yet again. Burt Myers for eventually go on to take the lead until a late race restart where Brandon Ward would grab the lead back and go on to win for the second time this season. Burt Myers second, Jason Myers third, Jonathan Brown fourth and Chris Fleming fifth.

Next is the second Sportsman race. While Dylan Ward would go on to pick the win for the second time in back to back weeks. John Holleman second, Zack Ore third, Tommy Neal fourth and fifth Kyle Southern.

Chris Allison and Chuck Wall would win in Stadium Stock.

going into ​June ​​​29

183Tim Brown257
279James Civali250
34Jason Myers248
41Burt Myers243
522Jonathan Brown233
616Chris Fleming230
718Daniel Yates208
844Daniel Beeson189
95Randy Butner187
1075Lee Jeffreys184
1104Brandon Ward183
1253John Smith167
138Darin Redmon129
1466Zack Clifton110
1540Frank Fleming92
1665Danny Bohn88
1724Carson Ware87
1831Zach Brewer68
1941Chris Williams63
2066Ronnie Clifton60
213Danny Propst52
2211Brian Loftin50
12Dean Ward50
2477Susan Harwell49
2550Michael Clifton46
2651Drew Moffitt45
2724Andrew Harrah44
2878Jody Fritts43
2900Kevin Orlando40
3015Jeremy Gerstner36
3107Johnny Sutton24
3217Zack Staley22
336Marty Butner21
3473Andy Jankowiak20
3533Jason Tutterow18
3678Bradley McCaskill8
41Cory Lovette8
3876William Smith5
3930Brennan Poole4
112Justin Taylor317
292Kyle Southern305
321Tommy Neal288
419Michael Adams284
54John Holleman270
62Amber Lynn259
77Dylan Ward248
831Chase Robertson221
902Derek Stoltz192
1007Kevin Neal181
1155Zack Ore173
22Wesley Thompson173
1330Blake Shupe172
1403Sterling Plemmons164
153Jeff Garrison135
1617Michael Caudill133
1750Ross Dalton130
1868Robbie Brewer126
1956Fishel Dale124
200Steve Holleman88
2138Mitch Gales84
225Bubba Tilley67
2380Brian Shupe55
2425Matt Bodenheimer50
2505Spencer Martin49
269Ryan Dixon48
2727Coy Beard47
2814Terry Thompson44
295Austin Taylor14
197Jeremy Warren322
208Jacob Creed312
398Billy Gregg306
422Brian Wall276
51Christian Joyce274
619Corey Rose272
702David Creed262
899Bryan Sykes246
969Gerald Robinson Jr208
1028Nate Gregg206
1116Brad Lewis196
1240Taylor Robbins194
1333Dennis Lanier174
142Willie Wall168
1523Andy Spears136
1652Fletcher Whaley126
1762Kevin Hedgecock112
1829Bradley Potts96
1913Kevin Gilbert90
2015Nick Wall88
2131Brandon Butner80
226Austin Powell60
230Shane Tuttle56
2411Hunter Hutchens40
253Jeff Potts32
00Donnie Martin32
2766Tim Gieson16
124A.J. Sanders260
281Chuck Wall248
316Stephen Sanders246
443Brandon Brendle236
51Grayson Keaton236
647Tyler McDonald222
768Tyler Bush216
880Luke Smith210
969Brandon Crotts192
60Brad Mickalowski192
1140Kenny Dixon190
3K.C. Myers190
1303Cody Gum182
1479Junior Smith180
1576Billy Cameron Jr170
51Junior Snow170
10David Hopkins170
1854Justin Owens166
1927Austin Cates156
2022Adam Thomas152
2133DJ Dean148
2214Ken Bridges136
2337Josh Osborne134
2401Chris Allison132
2531Kyler Staley130
2620Scarlett Dahmer126
2701Derek Taylor122
2839Patrick Mullen120
2934Steven Stoneman110
3070Jeffery Burrow104
3125Justin Emory100
3228Robert Mabe96
3349Shawn Hayes92
340Carlos Clifton90
3518Jonathan Simacek88
364Andy Southern80
3744Tim Giesen76
3844Justin Whitaker76
3974Matt Alley74
4023Blake Spears56
4135Johnny Baker48
424Tommy Stewart40
4361Braxton McDaniel38
29Cody Arrington38
38Eddie Hunter38
4688Mickey Tuttle36
4730Jeremy Seeley34
4809Shane Canipe32
494Andrew Sanders30
509Robbie Shrewsbury28
4Mark Baker28
5221Peyton Johnson26
532Jason Everhart16

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