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Bowman Gray Q&A: Ryan “Skip” Flores

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome for the second Q&A of the season as I had the opportunity to talk to the tire changer for the 2023 Cup champion Ryan Blaney, Ryan “Skip” Flores. Also known for being the co-host with Corey Lajoie on the podcast “Stacking Pennies”. Flores ran a stadium stock race back in 2023 as he wheeled it to victory but unfortunately was DQ’d. In 2024 He has teamed up with David Hill and the Hillbilly racing to run a select amount of races this year.

Q: What was it that got you interested in NASCAR?

A: I’ve always been a racer since I was a little kid. So naturally I wanted to work at the highest level of the sport.

Q: You’re known as Ryan Blaney’s tire changer, as well as the co-host for Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie. What was it that made you want to become a tire changer or just work on a Pit Crew?

A: I’ve always love the competitiveness of being a tire changer. It’s a very challenging job that demands a lot out of you and I’ve always loved that.

Q: Growing up who were your favorite drivers?

A: My favorite driver growing up was Billy Pauch. A dirt modified driver from NJ.

Q: How did the whole podcast idea come about? And where did the name “Stacking Pennies come from?

A: We just like talking about racing and want to share our perspective as active competitors with the fans. Stacking Pennies just means getting better everyday.

Q: Whats one of your most memorable moments in racing, as a driver and as a pit crew member?

A: As a driver it would be the gamblers classic win. As a pit crew member it would be the championship run we went on with Ryan.

Q: You have a racing background too, where is your favorite place to race at?

A: I will always love wall stadium

Q: 2024 you teamed up with Hillbilly Racing over at Bowman Gray to run a handful of races, how did that come about?

A: My buddy James Civali told me he wasn’t racing so I asked if he would mind if I drove it. He put in a good word and it all worked out.

Q: You were able to pick up a win last year in Stadium Stock (even though it ended in a DQ), what would you say you enjoyed racing in most at Bowman Gray Modified or Stadium Stock?

A: The Stadium Stocks are super fun but there’s nothing like a Modified.

Q: I know you spoke about it on Stacking Pennies the whole Kyle Busch vs Ricky Stenhouse Jr fight. What is your thoughts on the whole situation with the gasman clearing house and protecting his driver?

A: If someone comes into your pit they are fair game.

Q: Have you ever been in a situation like that where you and the other crew guys had to get involved?

A: I haven’t on the nascar side. Growing up working for the Blewett’s there were some of those times though.

Q:What do you enjoy about racing at Bowman Gray? What have you learned from running the races?

A: I like how you have to work on your car to get it turning and keep drove. It’s a track that the chassis has to work well and I enjoy that stuff.

Q: Where did the nickname Skip come from?

A: Skip came from the two brothers I moved down here with. They where the only two who ever called me that but I met a lot of ppl down here through them.

Q: What would you say you enjoy about running at Bowman Gray?

A: I just like the atmosphere and the track is really fun to drive

Q: What are do think of the future that the cup series could have a future of running the Clash at Bowman Gray? Do you think we’ll ever see an Xfinity or truck series points race ran there?

A: I think the cup series could come there for a special event. And I would have to imagine that trucks or xfinity would be there in the next couple years.

Q: Who are some of the guys you go to at Bowman Gray for advice? And what’s the best advice you have gotten?

A: James Civali mostly. And I always lean on the Hills and my good friend Scott Davidson from back in NJ.

Q: What’s it like being a cup champion tire changer? How much pressure would you say there is on you as well as the other pit crewguys to not make a mistake? That 12 bunch is one of the top pit crews in the series.

A: Being a cup champion is a huge accomplishment and one I’m really proud of. The pressure and stress on pit crew guys at this level is very high. It’s a really tough job and it’s only gotten tougher in the nexgen era.

Q: Last question, it’s something I always like to ask, but if you could work with or race against anyone in any series past or present who would it be?

A. Richie Evans

I want to thank Skip for taking time to do an interview with me. Make sure you keep an eye out for him and the 12 team as they go for another championship, also watch Skip wheel that 79 Sundrop Hillbilly Racing modified.






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