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WWE- Smackdown Live Recap 11/15/16


By Tarron Coalson

Tonight’s SMACKDOWN comes to us from Wilkes Barre, Pa and is the 900th episode of SMACKDOWN, which is somewhat misleading because of the brand split but it can use it..why not?

SMACKDOWN added a new host, Tom Phillips to JBL, David Otunga and Mauro Ranello, giving them a four man announce team.

The first match of the evening is the Intercontinental Title rematch between the champ, Dolph Ziglar and the former champ, The Miz with Marise. These two have had some of the best matches of the year and this was no exception. These guys just work fabulous together.

This match started out much quicker than their previous two, probably due to TV constraints but features all the drama and high spots from their previous matches as well. At least three times, the fans thought the match was over only to have that 2 and 7/8th kick out!

Finally, after Ziglar clears out the Spirit Squad, who tries to interfere, Miz hooks Ziglar in the Figure Four leglock after working on Ziglar’s knee and Ziglar manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. Miz goes for the Figure Four a second time and Ziglar catches him in a small package, but they’re close enough to the ropes that Marise can roll them over without the ref seeing it and The Miz gets the pin to become the six time Intercontinental Champ in a fantastic match! So, it’s the Miz who will face Sami Zayn at SURVIVOR SERIES for the Intercontinental Title.

A recap of the 5 on 5 brawl from RAW is next, although they neglect to show the SMACKDOWN team backing away.

Then, a promo of the new USA Network series Shooter follows and I guess Randy Orton has a spot in it.

Office promo with Alex Bliss complaining to Daniel Bryan about Becky Lynch’s tainted win last week follows and Bryan tells her she will get a rematch but that now’s not the time and then Natalya comes in as the Ladies team coach and tries to fix the situation.

NXT’s Oney Lorcan makes his debut against Kalisto, who will face Brian Kendrick for control of the Cruiserweight division at SURVIVOR SERIES. It’s a quick match as Lorcan attacks early but Kalisto hits the Salina Del Sol for the pin. A tease camera shot of Undertaker’s hat being picked up follows.

A flashback of the 1st SMACKDOWN episode is next as Triple H faced The Rock for the WWE World Title with a special referee, Shaun Michaels, who superkicks The Rock to help Triple H win.

Next you have the WWE SMACKDOWN tag champs Rhyno and Heath Slater giving a pep talk to the SMACKDOWN teams and they bring out KING BOOKER for the ultimate pep talk.

The SMACKDOWN Women’s captain, Nikki Bella is up next against Carmella. Carmella delivers a devastating neckbreaker to the floor and then out walks WWE Ladies Champ, Charlotte, holding a ticket and takes a seat on the front row.

As Nikki and Carmella are fighting outside the ring, Charlotte is asking Nikki if that’s all she’s got. Nikki slugs Charlotte and pulls her over the barricade but then all five of the RAW women’s team rush the ring to pummel Nikki. Carmella pauses but then tries to help Nikki and then the other SMACKDOWN ladies join the fray and fight off the RAW team. Listen folks, not a chance:):) The ONLY way the SMACKDOWN Women’s team can win is if Charlotte and Sasha can’t work together.

Renee Young is at the Talking Smack table and recaps the Goldberg and Brock Lesnar situation.

Next up is The Uso’s, the Hype Bros, American Alpha and Breezango with heath Slater and Rhyno at ringside facing The Ascension, The Spirit Squad, The Vaude Villains and the Headbangers. It’s a quick mess as it’s an all out brawl with American Alpha pinning the Headbangers with the Grand Amplitude finisher.

Finally, former WWE champ Edge, sporting the long hair and thick beard, comes out to his Cutting Edge segment and calls out the five man SMACKDOWN team and begins to give them a history lesson of SMACKDOWN and then engages with James Ellsworth and AJ Styles and then Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt.

Then, the Undertaker’s music starts and he makes his grand entrance to tell the team that he’s back and that no longer will he be defined by Wrestlemania. I guess Brock Lesnar ended that. But he says that if the SMACKDOWN team loses, they’ll have nothing to fear….but him.

Basically, this week’s show’s were the promo’s for SURVIVOR SERIES and rightfully so. My picks for SURVIVOR SERIES. Well, let’s start with the Cruiserweights. I can’t see Kendrick losing, simply because RAW is a three hour show and SMACKDOWN is a two hour show. They simply don’t have time for the Cruiserweights.

Miz verses Zayn is interesting. The ultimate insult to the Miz would be to lose the title to RAW after he’s been proclaiming to hold up the history of that title. On the other hand, the matches with Ziglar have been fantastic and I can’t see RAW needing another singles title, unless they create a TV Title, which I would be in favor of. I think Miz keeps the belt.

In the tag team match, RAW just appears to have the better team. They’re pushing American Alpha but I don’t see it getting SMACKDOWN the win here.

In the Ladies match, let me be clear again, the ONLY WAY the RAW team loses is if they’re confrontation between Charlotte and Sasha Banks and I have a feeling that’s exactly what will happen and the fact that everyone, including me thinks there’s no way RAW loses this one, so I’ll take the SMACKDOWN team in a major upset. I me crazy.

In the Men’s match, the RAW team appear to be heavy favorites and I’ll take them for the win although controversial. I suspect Shane McMahon will be the last competitor for SMACKDOWN.

Don’t forget, NXT TAKEOVER on Saturday and SURVIVOR SERIES on Sunday with a special 7PM start time. Catch you next week!

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