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If the Charlotte Hornets were a TV personality, they’d be David Blaine the magician and illusionist. I don’t say this tongue in cheek because they disappear in games they should win. I say this, because like Blaine the Hornets have a long track record of creating a narrative that makes a fan take their eye off what is really happening. Let’s look at the mirage that gives the media talking points aka “the distraction”

Here are some good ones Mitch Kupchak takes over as GM, James Borrego is new head coach, Kemba Walker Scores 60 points, Hornets get steal of the draft in Miles Bridges. I love these! Independently, you’d have to believe there is hope as a franchise. Throughout this team’s history there is a number of these larger scale patterns that make us forget the results. Hornets come back to Charlotte, Jordan buys the team, Team goes back to new uniforms. With each passing distraction, I get excited, believing, wanting, hoping, the Hornets turn the corner.

Let’s look at the results, as ultimately history judge’s franchises on wins and losses, playoff appearances, and trends.

2010-11 10th place Eastern Conference 34-48
2011-12 15th place Eastern Conference 7-59
2012-13 14th place Eastern Conference 21-61
2013-14 7th place Eastern Conference 43-39
2014-15 11th place Eastern Conference 34-48
2015-16 6th place Eastern Conference 48-34

2016-17 11th place Eastern Conference 36-46

2017-18 10th place Eastern Conference 36-46

2018-19 7th place Eastern Conference 11-12

Does this surprise you? How many of these years have you hoped the Hornets would draft an impact player when they missed the playoffs? How many years did you think they might be a playoff of team in an Eastern Conference that has been the little brother to Kobe, Duncan, and Steph in the West? How does 259 Wins and 393 losses over 9 seasons sound? This is a .397% winning percentage!.

I bring this to light, because I don’t understand how we can have one of the leading scorers in the whole NBA. Kemba is currently averaging 26.5 pts per game, 8th in the NBA and people are talking MVP? Shut that talk down immediately! He plays on a losing team that refuses to inject youth into the lineup and trades away key pieces of rebuilding projects like the Miami Marlins. After watching games all season, I sit her beside myself wondering why would I put my hope in this franchise to make prudent moves. The last nine years have been brutal for any Hornets fan, and I think it’s time to come to grips with fact that we’ll likely see history repeat itself. How good is this team if Kemba gets traded for draft picks or goes down with an injury? It’s likely a high lottery team

I needed an editorial to get this off my chest. I’ve been distracted writing the hopeful pieces and like a fan at a David Blaine show, I ultimately end up freaked out, dumbfounded, screaming, and more importantly distracted after the Hornets continue their illusions. That why I am proposing that we break up the Hornets. There has been so much chatter about Nic Batum and his miserable play, and 5 year contract for 120 million. To get rid of that contract, they’ll likely have to trade Kemba or Miles Bridges to a contender. This will hurt. Kemba is an unrestricted free agent next year and unfortunately there is no way to pay him a market comparable salary to Kemba (30M?)with Batum and continue to get mediocre team results. Borrego is a quant guy and the organization has to be savvy to allow young players develop, or flop trying. The current rotation still has Devonte Graham, Malik Monk, Miles Bridges coming off the bench. It’s time to stock draft picks and rebuild. Unless you have a better plan?

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