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Even in a disappointing season, there were some good moments for the Charlotte Hornets. Followed by many bad and ugly moments.
The Charlotte Hornets wrapped up their 2017-2018 season finishing 36-46. Coming into the season many fans were expecting a minimum of a playoff berth. That obviously did not happen, so let’s look at the season in review. There was some good, plenty of bad, and a lot of ugly.

The Good:
– Kemba Walker: For the second consecutive season Kemba Walker made the NBA All-Star team. It may have taken three or four times this time around, but it happened nonetheless. Kemba averaged 22.1 PPG, slightly less than last year because he just didn’t shoot quite as efficiently. Next year, hopefully in a Charlotte uniform, Kemba will look to make his third straight All-Star appearance in the City of Charlotte.

– Kemba Walker (Again!): This time Kemba is on this list because he became the franchises all-time leading scorer, passing Dell Curry on March 28th against the Cleveland Cavaliers. As of right now, Kemba is sitting at 9907 total points.

– Dwight’s 30 and 30 Game: There are certainly mixed feelings amongst the fan base about Dwight this season, but his 30 and 30 game is something we all can be impressed by. The feat hadn’t been done in 8 years since Kevin Love did so and Dwight just completely dominated the second half of that game against the Nets. For me personally, it brought back memories of prime Dwight and makes you think just how often he could have done that had he always applied himself.

–Treveon Graham Hustle Plays: I don’t have any stat to measure this really, but Hornets fans know what I’m talking about. The Hornets second-year man broke into the rotation regularly this season and made the most of it. His three-point shooting was great, but the best part of his game is his hustle. Whether it be on defense or diving for loose balls, he goes 100% 100% of the time. Let’s hope the Hornets are able to re-sign him in the offseason.

– Marvin Williams Bench Support: Even when things were going tough this season, so most of the time, Marvin Williams was always fully supportive from the bench. It didn’t matter if the team was up or down 20, Marvin was always jumping around. Given that he’s an aging vet, I like to think of Marvin as the team father. (He might actually be Bacon’s father).

– Hornets Llama Rap: This is fairly new, but still a great moment from the season. Bleacher Report posted a video of Kemba and the Hornets rapping to some Llama kids story. Marvin definitely was the best overall and JLamb sounded the most like 21 Savage. Frank wasn’t as bad as I expected, and Dwight mostly made a lot of weird noises. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so ASAP.

– December 29th: If you don’t already remember, it was the night the Hornets won at Oracle 111-100. On the night Dwight Howard had a near triple-double performance with 29 points, 13 boards, and seven (!!!) assists. Although Curry didn’t play, this was still by far the Hornets most impressive win on the season.

– End of the Season Malik Monk: Monk had his rookie struggles to start the year. During the middle, he was in the dog house. At the end of the season, he was great. His last six games of the season specifically were phenomenal. Over that stretch, he averaged 19.8 PPG and 3.8 APG while shooting 40% from three. Not only could he shoot the three, he had quite a few impressive dunks over that stretch as well.

– The 61 Point Victory Against Memphis: Yeah yeah, I know, the Grizzlies were tanking. Nobody is denying that, but that takes nothing away from that win. If it were easy to win by 60+ against a tanking team it would happen much more often. In just 28 minutes that game, Kemba had 46 points on 10/14 from beyond the arc. One of the best single-game performances I’ve witnessed, and I really wish he still would’ve played in the fourth to get a new career high.

– Steve Martin’s Career: It only feels right to include this bit about Steve Martin. He truly is a Hornets legend, and will forever be remembered so. It’s a shame he didn’t get to call more playoffs game this season, but his call on the Alonzo Mourning series-winning buzzer beater against Boston is forever iconic.

Onto the bad…



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