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By James Stewart

If ever there was a dominance at Bowman Gray Stadium, it happened in the 1990’s and 2000’s. I don’t think anyone could have imagined what was about to happen. Let’s get started.

As the 90’s opened, the Cavalier was the choice of most modified drivers, the Sportsman and Street Stocks were still running Thunderbirds but the Chevy Lumina was a choice of many. The Blunderbust had been phased out and replaced with a 4 cylinder division consisting of Pintos, Vegas, Toyotas, Datsuns, even a couple of Volkswagens!

The 1990 200 lap season opener was won by Gary Myers. Rich Burgess won the Dash race mid year. Gary Myers and Junior Miller would tie for most wins with 5 each, but it would be Miller that would take home his first championship. Miller also won the second 200 lapper. 1991 opened with a 200 lap win by Junior Miller and he also won the 2nd one. In 1991 NASCAR ran 2 Dash races, won by Mickey York and Johnny Chapman. Junior Miller would lead with 5 wins, but Don Smith would win 3 races en route to his 2nd BG championship. Ralph Brinkley won the 1992 200 lap opener, Gary Myers would win the 2nd. Danny Bagwell won the Dash race. Gary Myers would win the most races with 6 victories, but Jr Miller would win his 2nd championship.

1993 Jr Miller won the 200 lap season opener. Make note of this…the 2nd race of the season was won by a young modified driver named Tim Brown. Tim Dwiggins won the 2nd 200 lapper and Will Hobgood won the Dash race.Jr Miller would lead the way with 7 wins and also take home his 2nd straight and 3rd overall championship. The 1994 season started with a 200 lap win again by Jr Miller and he would also win the 2nd 200 lap race as well. Mickey York would win his 2nd Dash race at BG. Miller would lead with 6 wins but the veteran Robert Jeffreys would win his first championship. Miller again won the 200 lap opener in 1995, Philip Hill would win the 2nd one. David Hutto won the Dash race. Tim Brown would win 5 races to lead this stat, but it would be Robert Jeffreys winning his 2nd consecutive championship.

The 1996 season opened with a 200 lap win for Frank Fleming who would sweep the 200 lappers. Darryl Murray won what would be the last Dash race ever run at BG as NASCAR was looking to take the series in another direction. Gary Myers led with 4 wins, Tim Brown would only win 1 but his consistency was enough to gain him his first championship. The domination was beginning…2 drivers in place, 1 yet to appear.

Burt Myers

1997 started off with a 200 lap win for Jr Miller and he would sweep the 200 lappers.Tim Brown would lead in wins with 5 and would win his 2nd consecutive championship. 1998 would see Frank Fleming once again win the season opening 200, Tim Dwiggins would win the 2nd.

On May 16, 49 years to the date of the first race at BG, Burt Myers would continue his family’s tradition of winning at BG with his first win. Jr Miller would lead the way with 3 wins in a very competitive year, but Tim Brown won his 3rd straight championship. 1999 Jr Miller won the season opening 200 while Robert Jeffreys won the 2nd. Jr Miller and Burt Myers would tie for most wins with 3 each Burt Myers would win his first BG championship and the 3 participants in the domination was set as the century ended and a new one rolled in. For the next 14 years, only Jr Miller, Tim Brown, or Burt Myers would be BG champion

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