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Bowman Gray Racing Results – Week of April 27th 2019

bowman gray

After last weeks rain out, race fans finally got to see cars on the track as the 71st season of racing at the Madhouse began. I’m certain that many of the drivers woke up with a good old “Bowman Gray Hangover” as assistant flag man Jeff Bunton would say as last night was action packed. From Primetime making a late race pass for the lead and holding off a former champion, to a upset winner who was able to hold on to win his first Hayes Jewelers 200, to two former winners winning in their own divisions and a driver was in the right place at the right time in a race shortened event.

Tiger Tommy Neal would kick off the season drawing the pole with Zack Ore alongside of him, and lead for several laps until Boo Boo Dalton would try to take the lead but would get turned around causing a big pile up. John Holleman IV would grab the lead from Michael Adams on the restart. While Holleman would lead for a handful of laps until Derek Stoltz would take the lead and go on to lead the last 15 laps. Tommy Neal second, Justin Taylor third, Kevin Neal fourth and fifth Kyle Southern.

Next up was the Hayes Jewelers 200 as Tim Brown and Burt Myers would start on the front row. While Brown and Myers would battle for the lead a handful of laps until both drivers would get tangled up with James Civali in two separate occasions causing both Myers and Brown to go to the back in hopes of making their way back up front. Civali and Jonathan Brown would run up front until they would go three wide with Brian Loftin and make contact, ending both Civali and Brown’s chances to win putting Loftin up front and going on to win his first Hayes Jewelers 200. Tim Brown would come back to finish running up, Chris Fleming third, Lee Jeffreys fourth and fifth Randy Butner.

Jeremy Warren and Bryan Sykes would start on the front row for the Street Stock race. As Bryan Sykes would lead majority of the race until he would get passed by Jeremy Warren. Warren would get spun as teammate Bryan Sykes would make contact and collecting Donnie Martin ending the night as the race was called due to an 11:30 curfew. Gerald Robinson Jr would be in the right place at the right time and pick up the win! Billy Gregg second, David Creed third, Jac Creed fourth and Jeremy Warren fifth.

Grayson Keaton and Stephen Sanders would win in both Stadium Stock races.

COME OUT NEXT WEEKEND AND FIND OUT WHY THEY CALL IT THE MADHOUSE! As it will be the Kevin Powell Motorsports 100, plus racing from the other three divisions including the first Chain race of the season sponsored by 109 U Pull It.


Hayes Jewelers 200
115Brian Loftin
283Tim Brown
316Chris Fleming
475Lee Jeffreys
55Randy Butner
618Daniel Yates
744Daniel Beeson
84Jason Myers
91Burt Myers
1066Ronnie Clifton
1179James Civali
123Danny Propst
1322Jonathan Brown
1407Johnny Sutton
1519Brandon Ward
1673Andy Jankowiak
1731Zach Brewer
188Darin Redmon
1953John Smith
2000Kevin Orlando
2124Andrew Harrah
2250Michael Clifton
2312Dean Ward
2430Brennan Poole
2540Frank Fleming
2677Susan Harwell
2781Zack Clifton
102Derek Stoltz
221Tommy Neal
312Justin Taylor
407Kevin Neal
592Kyle Southern
62Amber Lynn
719Michael Adams
850Russ Dalton
903Sterling Plemmons
1031Chase Robertson
1117Michael Caudill
125Bubba Tilley
1355Zack Ore
1425Matt Bodenheimer
154John Holleman
167Dylan Ward
173Jeff Garrison
1822Wesley Thompson
1927Coy Beard
2038Mitch Gales
2148Robbie Brewer
2205Spencer Martin
2330Blake Shupe
2456Fishel Dale
169Gerald Robinson Jr
298Billy Gregg
302David Creed
408Jacob Creed
597Jeremy Warren
61Christian Joyce
719Corey Rose
816Brad Lewis
913Kevin Gilbert
1015Nick Wall
1122Brian Wall
1233Dennis Lanier
1328Nate Gregg
1462Kevin Hedgecock
1523Andy Spears
160Shane Tuttle
1740Taylor Robbins
1800Donnie Martin
1999Bryan Sykes
2052Fletcher Whaley
212Willie Wall
2229Bradley Potts 
race one
11Grayson Keaton
281Chuck Wall
347Tyler McDonald
460Brad Mickalowski
527Austin Cates
631Kyler Staley
722Adam Thomas
876Billy Cameron Jr
901Derek Taylor
1037Josh Osborne
1114Ken Bridges
1243Brandon Brendle
1320Scarlett Dahmer
1480Luke Smith
1534Steven Stoneman
1674Matt Alley
1779Junior Smith
race two
116Stephen Sanders
235Johnny Baker
370Jeffery Burrow
43K.C. Myers
533DJ Dean
624A.J. Sanders
729Cody Arrington
868Tyler Bush
954Justin Owens
1018Jonathan Simacek
1103Cody Gum
1223Blake Spears
1325Justin Emory
1410David Hopkins
150Carlos Clifton

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