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By Cody Heacox

Were just four weeks into the Bowman Gray Racing season, you could say things are starting to heat up and we’re not talking about the temperatures. It was the Street Stock Division’s night, as they would host their longest and richest race of the season, the Whelen Fifty Lapper. While we saw the return of a champion, a first time winner, along with a fan favorite find his way back to victory lane, and a little tension between two champions.

Let’s get things started as the Stadium Stock would get the night going as AJ Sanders would hold off Wesley Thompson and Chase Hunt for the win, Chuck Wall and Chris Allison would round out the top five.

Next up would be Sportsman Series as a familiar face and name your 2015 champion Zack Clifton would make his return to the track after taking some time off, as Dylan Ward would start on the pole and lead majority of the race until he had issues on a restart, resulting in Zack Clifton taking advantage of Ward’s problems and going on to pick up his first win of the season. Derek Stoltz, Zack Ore, Tommy Neal, and Kyle Southern would round out your top five.

As for the first of two Modified events for the night, While Johnathan Brown would get by Lee Jeffreys and lead flag to flag for his first win of the season, Bobby Measmer Jr, Lee Jeffreys, Brandon Ward, and Tim Brown finishing up your top five.

Now for the second Sportsman race as tempers would run hot for Taylor Branch and Amber Lynn who make contact resulting in Amber Lynn getting turned around and going into the grass. Following a restart Derek Stoltz and Tommy Neal began battling for position while going back and forth bumping each other the two collide resulting in both cars being hauled off. As Kevin Neal would hold off the field and he would not only lead flag-to-flag but also win his first race of the 2018 season. Zack Ore, John Holleman, Zack Clifton, and Taylor Branch would round out the top five.

Side note for the Sportsman Series, Zack Clifton has made the announcement that he will return to the Madhouse and run the remainder of the season.

Race two of the Modifieds in quite a few torn up race cars. Burt Myers and Jeremy Gerstner would tangle up collecting Tim Brown, while Burt would later re-enter the race multiple laps down. While running inside the top three Tim Brown would begin to have problems, as he was slowing to come to the pits Randy Butner would collide into Brown on the backstretch. As Bobby Measmer Jr. would get around Frank Fleming for the lead and go on to win his first ever race at Bowman Gray Stadium. Jason Myers, Lee Jeffreys and Jonathan Brown would round out the top five.

​It is now time for the main event on tap after this Modified race. Jac Creed would lead everyone to the green. As Taylor Robbins get bumped resulting in the biggest wreck of this event collecting Brian Wall, Robbins, and others. Spencer Martin would stay close by Creed not letting him get too far away, then with two to go, Martin would finally get by Creed to go on and win this prestigious race, making it his second of the 2018 season.

The last Stadium Stock race was led almost entirely by Brandon Brendle. Grayson Keaton got by with a couple of laps to go only to be passed on the last lap by Brendle as he won his first race of 2018.

Make sure you’re at the Madhouse this Saturday night! As the always exciting racing action the Madhouse is known for. Modified Series battles in twin 25s, Sportsman Series races in a pair of 20-lappers, Street Stock Series competes in a 20-lap race, and the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series, there will be a Demolition Derby, a Chain Race, and Skid Race too. Be sure you come check out all the action. Adult admission is just $10, for children 6-11 it’s $2, and children 5 and under are free. The ticket gates open at six and the first race is at 8. Come find out why they call it the Madhouse!




11Burt Myers182
283Tim Brown170
304Brandon Ward160
475Lee Jeffreys158
540Frank Fleming156
65Randy Butner148
74Jason Myers144
722Jonathan Brown144
979George Brunnhoelzl III142
1018Daniel Yates140
1114Bobby Measmer Jr.138
1227Jeremy Gerstner128
1344Daniel Beeson118
1453John Smith106
158Darin Redmon60
1692Brody Jones54
1677Susan Harwell54
1816William Smith44
1913Chris Fleming32
209Jody Fritts26
219Zach Brewer22
2112Mike Norman22
2341Marty Edwards18
2365Danny Bohn18
2528Mike Adams16
2678Bobby Skinger14
2726Al Hill12
289Greg Deyarmon8
2941Jason Tutterow6
14John Holleman173
255Zack Ore166
370Dylan Ward161
407Kevin Neal157
519Michael Adams155
686Taylor Branch148
721Tommy Neal146
82Andrew Durham138
902Derek Stoltz132
1092Kyle Southern124
1101Amber Lynn111
1238Mitch Gales107
1312Justin Taylor102
1405Tony Black99
1530Tanner Tilley70
1662Bubba Tilley67
173Jeff Garrison59
1814Terry Thompson49
1981Zack Clifton47
206Shane Tuttle45
2148Phillip Jones40
2230Cale Gale34
2218Kenny Bost34
2425Matt Bodenheimer31
2568Robbie Brewer23
128Billy Gregg194
25Spencer Martin190
372Bryant Robertson170
497Jeremy Warren162
530Blake Shupe144
649Steven Berrier138
708Jacob Creed132
899Bryan Sykes128
91Christian Joyce124
1013Kevin Gilbert122
1109David Creed114
1269Gerald Robinson Jr108
1398Nate Gregg96
1415Nick Wall92
1522Brian Wall86
1616Brad Lewis76
176Austin Powell72
1831Brandon Butner68
1940Taylor Robbins66
2029Bradley Potts54
2114Aaron Hylton52
2111Hunter Hutchens52
2366Mike Evans48
2433Dennis Lanier44
2552Fletcher Whaley16
2562Kevin Hedgecock16
2751Raleigh Grant12
2877James Allison4
297Kenneth Stimpson2
124A.J. Sanders194
21Grayson Keaton188
301Chris Allison182
381Chuck Wall182
502Wesley Thompson174
568Tyler Bush174
776Billy Cameron Jr160
82Brandon Brendle156
833DJ Dean156
847Tyler McDonald156
1127Austin Cates152
128Shane Southard138
133Kyler Staley136
1360Brad Mickalowski136
1549Shawn Hayes134
1613Chase Hunt122
1623Andy Spears122
1622Adam Thomas122
1969Brandon Crotts120
1926K.C. Myers120
1920Scarlett Dahmer120
2235Johnny Baker118
2354Justin Owens106
2434Steven Stoneman94
2514Ken Bridges92
2619Mike Lowery90
2728Robert Mabe88
2861Jason Keaton82
296Dale Patterson80
3091David Houck78
3118Jonathan Stimelchek76
3200Daryl Bryant70
3337Josh Osborne52
3375Jeffery Burrow52
355Braxton McDaniel46
3615Dwayne Bryant40
3704Josh Broome36
3811Chad Hopkins28
3983T.J. Whaley26
407Joel Stewart20
4010David Hopkins20
420Carlos Clifton18


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