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After a midday storm, track crews were able to get the track dry just in time for week 10’s action at the Madhouse as fans got to see a handful of wrecks, a few repeat winners, few drivers pick up their first win of the season, and not to mention a first time winner. Also fans saw a “Fire in the Sky” pyrotechnic parachute jump. Here’s your week 10 recap.

In the first race of the evening, we saw a photo-finish in Stadium Stock as Shane Southard held off Chris Allison and Chase Hunt for his second win of the season.

Next up would be Street Stock, Jeremy Warren and Brian Wall would lead the field to the green. It didn’t take long until we saw a pile up that involved Taylor Robbins, point’s leader Amber Lynn, Jac Creed, Blake Shupe and others. Brian Wall and Jeremy Warren would battle each other for the win, as Wall would finally get around Warren. As Brian Wall went on to win his first race of the year holding off Donnie Martin, Jeremy Warren, after being in the early pile up Jac Creed and Amber Lynn would battle back to pick up a top 5.

Time for the first Modified race of the evening which was a fifty lapper, as Brandon Ward and Burt Myers led the way to the green. As Brandon led Burt into one, Ward would make contact with Myers which would end his night. While Tim Brown’s night would end early after receiving damage after Darin Redmon spun out in front of the leaders. As Civali and Burt would exchange the lead several times, Myers would pull away to win for the 72nd career race at the track. Jason Myers would finish 2nd making it 1-2 for Dirty South, James Civali third, Chris Fleming fourth and rounding out the top five John Smith.

Now time for the Main Event as Sportsman would battle for 60 laps. Michael Adams and Zack Ore started on the front row. Early troubles for Zack Clifton would end his night; while Adams would lead flag-to-flag and go on to pick another win this season and hold off a hard charging Derek Stoltz. Taylor Branch third, John Holleman fourth, and Tommy Neal fifth.

Modifieds second event of the night, this race was twenty-five laps. As we would see Tim Brown go to the #9 and Randy Butner to the #51 after their cars weren’t able to be repaired after damage from the first race. While Darin Redmon and William E. Smith would start 1-2. Darin pulled out to an early lead with Brody Jones to follow him passed Smith. For a number of laps it looked as if everyone was in bumper cars as they all would give each other a bump or two. As Redmon would spin on a restart and Jones would by for the lead. Brody Jones would go on to pick up his first career win, also becoming the 134th winner of a Modified race at the Madhouse, also joining his father, Steve, who won back in 1991. Bobby Measmer Jr second, Chris Fleming third, James Civali fourth and fifth John Smith.


Last race of the night, as Andy Spears would be a black flag on a restart that cost him a shot to win. While Zack Staley would go on to win his first race since 2012.

I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend, stay safe and enjoy the break. As racing will resume July 8th for the O’Reilly Auto Parts 100 presented by The Triad’s 105.7 Man Up (100-lap Modified race); $2 Ladies’ Night; double-point awards in all divisions.

Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series

1st Modified Race: 50 laps

1    1    Burt Myers   

2    4    Jason Myers   

3    79    James Civali   

4    13    Chris Fleming   

5    53    John Smith   

6    14    Bobby Measmer Jr.   

7    75    Lee Jeffreys   

8    92    Brody Jones   

9    18    Daniel Yates   

10    33    Jason Tutterow   

11    16    William Smith   

12    8    Darin Redmon   

13    66    Ronnie Clifton   

14    50    Michael Clifton   

15    9    Ryan Nelson   

16    83    Tim Brown   

17    5    Randy Butner   

18    41    Jimmy Wallace   

19    7    Al Hill   

20    51    Marty Butner   

21    10    Bink Lucas   

22    04    Brandon Ward   


2nd Modified Race: 25 laps

1    92    Brody Jones

2    14    Bobby Measmer Jr.

3    13    Chris Fleming

4    79    James Civali

5    53    John Smith

6    1    Burt Myers

7    18    Daniel Yates

8    4    Jason Myers

9    51    Randy Butner

10    66    Ronnie Clifton

11    9    Tim Brown

12    33    Jason Tutterow

13    8    Darin Redmon

14    16    William Smith

15    41    Jimmy Wallace

16    75    Lee Jeffreys

17    7    Al Hill

18    10    Bink Lucas


Texas Steak & Tap House Sportsman Series

Sportsman Race: 60 laps

1    19    Michael Adams   

2    02    Derek Stoltz   

3    86    Taylor Branch   

4    4    John Holleman   

5    21    Tommy Neal   

6    7    Dylan Ward   

7    70    Noah Triplett   

8    92    Kyle Southern   

9    28    Billy Gregg   

10    38    Mitch Gales   

11    36    Christian Joyce   

12    6    Shane Tuttle   

13    2    Joseph Brown   

14    55    Zack Ore   

15    81    Zack Clifton   

16    14    Terry Thompson   


Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series

Street Stock Race: 20 laps

1    22    Brian Wall   

2    00    Donnie Martin   

3    97    Jeremy Warren   

4    08    Jac Creed   

5    02    Amber Lynn   

6    2    Willie Wall   

7    18    Chad Brooks   

8    13    Kevin Gilbert   

9    01    Mike Staley Jr   

10    30    Blake Shupe   

11    99    Bryan Sykes   

12    1    Jasper Sumner   

13    40    Taylor Robbins   

14    69    Gerald Robinson Jr   


Law Offices of John Barrow Stadium Stock Series

1st Stadium Stock Race: 15 laps

1    8    Shane Southard   

2    01    Chris Allison   

3    13    Chase Hunt   

4    24    A.J. Sanders   

5    02    Wesley Thompson   

6    35    Johnny Baker   

7    16    Stephen Sanders   

8    45    Derek Sheets   

9    1    Grayson Keaton   

10    81    Chuck Wall   

11    68    Tyler Bush   

12    76    Billy Cameron Jr   

13    27    Austin Cates   

14    54    Justin Owens   

15    44    Doug Rembold   

16    11    David Hopkins   


2nd Stadium Stock Race:

1    31    Zack Staley   

2    56    Tyler Burke   

3    00    Daryl Bryant   

4    04    Josh Broome   

5    43    Tony Meadows   

6    23    Andy Spears   

7    09    Tim Evans   

8    20    Scarlett Dahmer   

9    22    Adam Thomas   

10    14    Ken Bridges   

11    07    Joe Steder   

12    33    DJ Dean   

13    69    Brandon Crotts   

14    3    Kyler Staley   

15    0    Carlos Clifton   


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