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by Cody Heacox

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this week’s edition of Driver Q&A. My driver this week is a fan-favorite in the Sportsman Division Michael Adams. While Michael hasn’t had the year, he would like he currently sits in 2nd in points with 2 wins.

Q: What got you interested in racing?
A: I grew up watching Dad race, he started the year that I was born, so it’s all I’ve ever known. It’s definitely a way of life.

Q: You’re currently 37 points out of 1st place, what will it take for you to get by points leader Kevin Neal?
A: Yeah I feel like this is one of our worst years. Since we got in the wreck with Bubba Tilley “not saying that I fault him” the cars just hadn’t responded to anything we’ve done. To have a chance at the points title is beyond me. I would love to be able to be called champion but I don’t feel like we have earned it this year. Kevin Neal has had an awesome year and really deserves to win the title.

Q: What is it about BGS that is different from other tracks you’ve been to?
A: BGS is tough, unlike the other tracks I’ve run your always nose to tail and at the mercy of the guy behind you. Luckily I have some amazing competitors that respect me, and let me work the guy in front of me, and I try to pat the favor back and show them just as much respect.

Q: Of all of your competitors who would you say you enjoy/enjoyed racing with? and who are you able to go to and easily get advice/pointers from?
A: Other than my dad, which is my go to for everything, not just racing but in life in general, the guy I talk to the most is Dylan Ward. We’ve became good friends over the last few years. He’s such a knowledgeable guy, as it’s started to show this year. We usually always talk after each race, and see where we can improve. It’s fun racing a friend like that, which I consider a lot of the guys I race against friends. I know you’re supposed to bring your friends with ya to the track, but most of us can be friends off the track and then race each other hard on the track, it’s what makes BGS so much fun.

Q: What is it like being able to race with your dad?
A: Being able to race with my dad has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in racing. I’ve learned so much from him. He brought me into racing the right way I think. He made me start out in a not so good car lol, but once he seen that I was improving he put me in a top of the line car and we started winning races, and it’s all because of him. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me. Hes definitely my hero!!

Q: Last question, it’s something I like to ask drivers. “If you could race against any legendary driver (BGS or NASCAR) who would it be?”
A: I’ve watch so many awesome drivers as a kid growing up at the stadium so it’d be hard for me to choose just one of the legendary guys over there. I looked up to all of them as a kid

I’d like to thank Michael Adams for taking the time and doing an interview with me! I also would like to wish him good luck this weekend.

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