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By Cody Heacox

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to this week’s edition of Bowman Gray Q&A. I had the opportunity to talk to your 2017 Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series Champion Jac Creed, As Jac is currently 4th in points in hopes of finishing out the 2018 strong.

Q: What got you interested in racing?
A: I got interested in racing because of my dad. He raced growing up, and that’s really all I ever cared about doing when I got older was racing. I remember growing up as a kid going to the stadium and sitting in the stands and dreaming.

Q: What is it like being able to race with your dad?
A: Racing with dad is awesome. I feel like we have had some of the most fun I have ever had in practice this year. However, that doesn’t mean that either one would back down for the other. When the green flag drops it’s all fair game. One race this year I felt like I could have got in in front of him and kinda made a hole, but after the race he informed me that he would have sent me wide open into the corner after a move like that. All jokes aside it’s a blast, it is fun seeing him back in a car, it’s fun talking junk to each other, but the most rewarding part about getting to race with dad is all the time we get to spend together. There are obviously long nights in the shop that we spend together, and then all the days at the race track. I feel those are memories that I’ll never forget and I am very thankful and blessed to get to share with him.
Q: As the defending champ of Street Stock, did you feel like there was more pressure on you to go out there and win races and repeat?
A: I mean there is pressure there, but that’s just put on by me. Anybody that knows me knows I am the most competitive person on the earth. But as far as a championship again, nah done been there done that. It all fell together last year when we wasn’t even racing for points. I’ve never been a points guy and honestly don’t look at them. I know where I am because of how they call your number in drivers meeting. But I do put pressure on myself to go out and perform well because I have the best sponsors in the world, Dylan Ward and all the people at DWR put so much time into this car even when I’m not there to run good I feel I owe it to them. It hasn’t worked out this year like we had hoped, we’ve had a lot of bad luck but we won’t quit and will be back on top soon.

Q: Of all of your competitors who would you say you enjoy/enjoyed racing with? and who are you able to go to and easily get advice/pointers from?
A: of my competitors I would say Spencer Martin, Blake Shupe, My dad, Taylor Robbins, KTrain, Billy Gregg, really most of them. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone. I enjoy all them and learn from each of them in different ways. For the most part you can get along with most of them. Someone might get into someone and be mad a couple weeks but it works itself out. I feel I can get advice from any of them. Everybody is pretty honest.

Q: What is it about BGS that is different from other tracks you’ve been to?
A: The stadium is different just because of the atmosphere. There is no where else that you can roll out on the front stretch and just look around and see that many people. It is nerve racking but it’s like none other. When you win at the stadium people blow your phone up Monday. If you win anywhere else people don’t have a clue except people who are in the racing community. My whole family will come to the stadium. A lot of Saturday nights I probably have 30 people in the stands to watch me and that just doesn’t happen anywhere else. It’s where I grew up most Saturday nights and where I foresee myself spending Saturday nights for along time to come.

Q: Of all your wins which stands out to you most?
A: of all my wins the 50 lapper last year stands out the most. I qualified on the pole and was disqualified on a call that I feel like goes on every week over there. Two cars that qualified behind me went to their pit stall as we were told we couldn’t and were not penalized. Therefore we had to start dead last and with 10 to go we took the lead. It was the greatest feeling of accomplishment in racing. We felt like he had the fastest car when we left the shop we showed it in qualifying and then overcame all that to show it in the race.

Q: I’m sure you’ve seen or heard all the criticism that Street Stock is a “shit show” as we’ve seen drivers such as Derrick Rice, Brian Wall, Fletcher Whaley and others step away from racing in the division, could we see more drivers leave or do you expect things to get better?
A: yes, street has been wild this year but I blame that on some inexperienced drivers in cars that aren’t at a pace that can win, (and I don’t see anything wrong with that, everyone has to learn and start somewhere. And if anyone says they started out setting the world on fire then they are liars) a few drivers that have no respect for anyone, and at the end of the day we’re racing around a football field. I believe some will come and go it always works out. It’s already getting better. Last year I felt like we had some serious battles and I’m sure it will get back to that again.

Q: Last question, it’s something I like to ask drivers. “If you could race against any legendary driver (BGS or NASCAR) who would it be?”
A: if I could race against any BG or Nascar driver I don’t really have an answer for that. I love to race and would race a wagon against anyone if I could have a competitor. It’s a great sport, I love going toe to toe with great drivers at the greatest short track in America.

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