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by Cody Heacox

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to this week’s edition of Bowman Gray Q&A. I had the opportunity to talk to a guy everyone likes to call “Farmer Ted” better known as Bobby Measmer Jr. While Bobby works full time for NASCAR’s Stewart-Haas Racing as a mechanic, he still finds time to race on his own. As Bobby is in his second season racing at the Stadium and has looked like a seasoned veteran at times this season as he picked up his first career win earlier this season at the legendary Madhouse. Bobby is currently tenth in points with two wins. Hope you guys enjoy.

Q: What got you interested in racing?
A: What got me interested in racing was… My dad and his cousin had a car they raced at Concord Speedway and I grew up just wanting to race just like them.

Q: What is it about Bowman Gray that is different from any other track you’ve raced at?
A: Bowman Gray is different from any other track because of the history and the atmosphere it has. It’s unlike any other place!!

Q: What holds your love/attention for racing?
A: Racing is my Life I work for a race team for a living and Work on my cars and drive them as a hobby it’s just my way of living!

Q: Of all your competitors who would you say you enjoy racing with and being able to talk to and get pointers from?
A: Theirs not one competitor that I would say I look to for pointers or really one that I could say I enjoy racing with more than the other. I enjoy racing with everyone that’s why I do it!

Q: I know you work for SHR(Stewart-Haas Racing) do you ever get any advice or pointers from Smoke or any of the Cups guys on what you could do to improve your driving styles or help you be a better driver?
A: I don’t really get any pointers from Tony or any of our other drivers about my driving style. But one thing me and Tony do and it’s toward each other is joke about each other’s weight. As he said the last time we saw each other is I said “it all Leftside weight” and he said “It’s bought and paid for too”… Haha

Q: You picked up your first career win at the Madhouse earlier this year, where would you rank it amongst your other wins?
A: Winning my first race at the stadium was pretty awesome. The history of the place and all the drivers that have won there is what makes it so awesome. But it’s definitely one of my top five wins of my career.

Q: You’ve raced in other classes during your career, have you considered racing Sportsman or Street Stock over at the Madhouse?
A: Ive never considered any other class at the stadium besides modifieds. I have raced other classes but modifieds is my new home and it’s where I plan to stay and finish out my career.

Q: As fans who know you, know you as “Farmer Ted” can you tell us how that name came about?
A: Farmer Ted is a nickname I got a few years ago. It started out as my car owner gave it to me cause just like the old time farmers would do at the end of the day just drop their stuff and go home. Leave their tools laying where ever that’s pretty much how my shop was years ago. The nickname has changed into a few other things since then. But it’s just something that was fitting for me and just stuck…

I’d like to thank Bobby for taking the time out of his vacation and doing this interview with me, also want to wish him and his team the best of luck for the remainder of the season. Make sure you’re at the Madhouse this Saturday as it is O’Reilly Auto Parts Two Dollar Ladies’ Night.
The Modified Series will battle in the O’Reilly Auto Parts 100 with a full-field draw for position, the infamous double-file restart cone, and the Fans’ Challenge. The Sportsman Series races in twin 20s, the Street Stock Series competes in a 20-lapper, and the Stadium Stock Series rounds out the schedule. Adult admission for men is just $10, for women it’s just $2, for children 6-11 it’s $2, and children 5 and under are free. The ticket gates open at six and the first race is at 8.
Come find out why they call it the Madhouse!

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