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By Cody Heacox

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to this week’s Q&A, I had the opportunity to catch up with the 2012 Street Stock champion Billy Gregg, who now races in the Sportsman Division. He currently sits 5th in points going into tonight’s races (August 5th 2017).

Q: What got you interested in racing?

A: I come from a family of racing. My dad, Jimmy Gregg, and my uncle, Ricky Gregg, were racing before I was born, so I basically grew up working on cars and being at the race track every weekend.

Q: Of all your wins which would you say is the memorable one?

A: I just like to win, period. No certain win stands out in my mind although the couple of Father’s Day wins are more special now that I lost my dad.

Q: Who would you say inspires you the most to be a better race car driver?

A: That’s a weird question…I just love racing and I do it for myself. I enjoy the challenge of it. But, I would have to say my family and my crew are the most inspiration I have to keep doing what I love with them.

Q: You’ve raced in multiple divisions at Bowman Gray, have you ever considered racing in Modifieds?

A: I don’t have enough money to have a Modified; however, I would like to move back to Street Stock.

Q: What about racing holds your love/attention?

A: I keep racing, because I get to do it with my son. We spend a lot of hours in the shop together, and that’s motivating for both of us.

Q: We’ve talked lately about how your son is getting ready to start his racing career, could you tell the fans a little bit about that?

A: Nate just turned 14 on August 1. I am so proud of him. He is my crew chief and my only full-time crew member who is in the shop every night. Nate spent the winter building himself a car, and he has really worked hard for it. It was not handed to him. He earned a sponsorship, and with the support of Joey Baker (Unlimited Services) was able to finish the car and get some seat time. My brother-in-law and spotter, Casey Kepley Jr., does the set-ups and adjustments, just like he does for me. And, Nate’s brother Jaden helps out in the shop and at the track. I ran the car some to help get it ready, and Nate’s been running laps in it at Caraway and Bowman Gray. His first race is Saturday, August 5. He’s the third generation of both Greggs and Kepleys to race and will be the youngest driver to start at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Q: Could we possibly see Billy Gregg the racer step away and turn into Billy Gregg the father?

A: Yes, I plan to retire and support Nate. I feel like I need to quit driving to give him a better opportunity using better equipment. It’s very expensive to maintain 2 cars with our budget and nearly impossible for us to have 2 front-running cars. Our team will need to focus on Nate since there’s so few of us left. My brother John is really involved with his kids’ sports and our other past crew members moved on to build their own cars…Bryan Sykes, Jeremy Warren and now Casey.

Q: Of all your competitors who would you say is your favorite to race against?

A: Haha…it was John McNeal…it was always McNeal. He was the reason I came back in 2009. We would beat and bang on the track, really hard racing, but we left it on the track. When we got out of our cars, we were still the best of friends. I would have to say my favorite now is Robbie Brewer. We’ve run a lot of laps together, many of them side-by-side, and we lean on each other pretty hard. It’s all in fun though.

Be sure you check out tonight’s action for the Modified 100, twin 20s for Sportsman, along with Nate Gregg making his Bowman Gray debut in the Street Stock race, and also Stadium Stock.

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