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“Just a Big Kid Living His Dream”

By Cody Heacox

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the first Q&A of the season, as he may not be a fan favorite or a driver who you see running up front, but the season goes on he continues to learn more and more each week. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to a good friend of mine and current Street Stock driver Bradley Potts. Hope you all enjoy!

Q: What got you interested in racing?

A: My interest in racing started about 12 years ago, I had just got out of high school and I started out helping a guy in Walkertown (Tim Vaden) for about 3 or 4 years, then went on to help Zack Clifton a little until I bought my own car and started racing.

Q: What holds your love/attention about racing?

A: I look at it as a family thing, my brother and I do it together along with my dad. My dad is going to start racing this year, actually a few races before, but he’ll run with us this year. It’s just a family thing, it has brought my brother and I closer.

Q: Are you excited about racing with your dad?
A: There’s some excitement to it, its something he wants to do but a part of me worries about him racing. If he’s happy, I’m happy.

Q: Of all of your competitors who would you say you enjoy racing with and being able to talk to and get pointers from?
A: Bryan Sykes. For me I felt the best, when I started between Bryan Sykes and Jeremy Warren. I knew I had to go, but I knew I wouldn’t get wiped out. We’re buddies so I knew how he was going to react. I enjoy racing with both Bryan Sykes and Jeremy Warren.

Q: Coming into this season, you had completed a total of maybe 25 or so laps in 5 years. So far this year you’ve been able to finish in each of the races, in fact you picked up your career best finish a 7th place last race. What have you learned about yourself as a driver along with the track this season that has helped you this year?
A: The biggest thing was before I was a one man crew, my brother wasn’t down here much, it was hard getting everything done by yourself. This year I’ve picked up a couple of really good guys who are there with me busting their tails Jordan Blair being the main one pushing me on Saturdays to be patience and complete the races. We’re not there to win, we’re just trying to complete the race.

Q: Would you ever consider moving up to Sportsman?
A: It’s possible in a few years, I want to be completive and win some races, possibly win a championship. Some people win races and then want to move up.

Q: Last question, it’s something I like to ask drivers. “If you could race against any legendary driver (BGS or NASCAR) who would it be?”
A: BGS, Ronnie Clifton. By far Ronnie Clifton, he is my idol I had dreamed to run like him and I would love to run on the same track with him side by side. Nascar- Kevin Harvick, that’s where my number (29) was inspired from, I’ve always pulled for him.

Bradley also went on to mention how thankful he is for all the help he has gotten from Zack Clifton’s crew (Dean, JD, Pork Chop, Zack and even Ronnie) along with Jordan Blair, Breeze, My Dad, Brother, Cody, Cole Mac, Cole Foster and others. He has a good group of guys who bust their tails to make sure his car runs well.

“My brother and Jordan were the most excited about us finishing 7th in the last race. We didn’t have to win the race, we finished 7th and we were all excited even though we tore stuff up, but to run well you’re going to have to tear stuff up to run well. That’s the biggest thing for me this year. There is more to drive for, not just to come home to, but to have others push you.”

Bradley also wanted to thank his current sponsors:

Daatsright deliveries
Backyard creations
Triad mulch supply
Supply and demand logistics
Chelle and daddy commercial fleet specialists
Jones transportation.

Make sure you’re at the Madhouse this Saturday night for the absolute best racing at the absolute best price. And stay tuned for Q & A’s with your favorite drivers all season long, right here on! 

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